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Purchase Conditions

1.- Payment Methods
All payments will be made in Euros.

With a credit or debit card, you only need to enter your card number, expiration date and security code CVV2 or CVC2 in the payment gateway of our banking company. In no case will we have access to your card number, only our bank to make the payment. 100% Safe Payment Method.
Cash on delivery, make the payment when you receive the order in your house. You will only have to deliver the amount to the carrier. This form of payment has an additional cost of € 2.99.
Try to have the cash when the delivery will take place. Before sending, we will contact you by phone to confirm the order.
PayPal, pay quickly, safely and comfortably. You just need to have an account created in PayPal and enter your email and password. Financial information is never communicated. PayPal encrypts and protects your card number. We only receive the payment.
Bank transfer, in favor of "calzacor.com": you must make the transfer within a maximum period of 2 business days from when you placed the order (if you have not received confirmation of the transfer after this period, the order will be canceled). Bank account details will be shown once the order is placed. In the concept remember to mention the order reference. The order will be sent once the Banking Entity confirms the deposit, usually it takes one day from its payment.
2.- Shipments:
The shipping section of the purchase conditions can be found on the shipping page

3.- Returns:
The returns section of the purchase conditions can be found on the changes-size-returns page

4.- Prices and Availability of products
You can purchase any of the products that calzacor.com offers for sale on the Website. calzacor.com will make its best efforts to have the products offered for sale available at all times; However.
In case of finalizing the stocks of a requested product, the customer's order will be canceled prior notice - except in cases where it is impossible to contact him - and a product of similar characteristics will be proposed, in which case you may well modify your order initial or accept or reject the calzacor.com proposal
References to calzacor.com products included in any site with which a link has been established do not imply that said product is available for sale through said Website. Such references will not be interpreted in any case as a sale offer by calzacor.com
The prices of the products will be those that appear on the Website at the time you place your order. calzacor.com reserves the right to modify the prices of its products at any time, in which case the new prices will be immediately applicable to the new orders that you make, as well as to the modifications that you request in relation to previous orders, remaining understood in any case that the price changes will not apply to orders already made by you that are in the process of delivery.

5.- Taxes
The corresponding VAT rate is included in the prices of the products.

 6.- Guarantees
calzacor.com states that the products have the guarantees applicable in each case.
For more information, contact our Customer Service Department: info@calzacor.com

7.- Security
To make the payment of your purchase we will transfer you to a page of the bank.

Within this same page, the bank will request the necessary data to make the payment. During the whole period in which you are doing this process, calzacor.com, you are simply waiting for the completion of your procedure on the gateway connecting with the bank.

Once the payment process is finished, calzacor.com only receives notice from the banking entity of the completion and approval or discard of the payment process.

Absolutely all the information provided to the bank during this entire period is completely confidential between you and the bank. Calzacor.com will never have your personal data provided through this bank gateway encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Laye).

8.- Data Privacy Policy
See privacy policy section

9 .- Object of the General conditions

These General Conditions (hereinafter GENERAL CONDITIONS) are intended to regulate the conditions of use and use of the website www.calzacor.com, which is owned by Jesús Cortés Martínez (hereinafter Owner), whose activity is that of marketing and sale of footwear and leather materials

The mere use of the website attributes the condition of Users (hereinafter "User"), who declares to know and accept without reservation or exception