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If the footwear is a bit large, we recommend the placement of a template, which will fill in more. Besides this way you can wash the insole, keeping the footwear always clean.
On the other hand, if the footwear is made of leather and squeezes it somewhere in cocrete, you can put on Nivea type hand cream, so that the skin of the shoe is nourished and when it is placed it adapts to the shape of your foot. As an option you can also take the shoe to a shoemaker to put it in the last to give it up.

 To clean your shoes:

If the shoe has laces, first remove them and wash them by hand.
Clean the footwear with a damp cloth or sponge.
If the shoe is leather, you can apply a cream of the same color as the shoe. If you do not find cream of the same color, we recommend colorless cream, to protect the skin and give it shine.
For quick occasions we also recommend the polishing sponges, which will give it shine and you can apply it as many times as you want.